Friday, January 21, 2011

FTF - Handmade

Last week was so much fun participating in Favorite Things Friday with Ms. P. over at Quilting in my Pyjamas that I decided to jump in again.

This week I want to show you all what I received from the Make My Christmas exchange. 

As I stated in my previous post, I was lucky enough to draw someone I knew, and really had fun making her a quilt.

But when my really good friend KimmyD announced that she had my name, I was elated!!  Everyone wants to have her draw their name, and for only my second year participating, it was amazing that she drew me!

Kimmy takes old wooden windows, and paints the American flag on the reverse side.  It's truly a sight to see!  And I couldn't have been more excited.

And just in time for the Progressive Dinner party this weekend, we got it hung on the wall in it's permanent spot.  It looks fantastic!

And just to show you a close up, here you go!

Imagine seeing the beauty every day, and sitting beneath it every night.

So this week, this window and handmade gift is one of my favorite things.  And so is my friend KimmyD!  Love you girl!



Kirsten's Cooking said...


Old Glory looks great hanging on your living room wall :)

Thea said...

What a special gift from a special person!

Helsie said...

Yes it's special in two ways.

Marg said...

I love it, what a great way to use an old window, Kimmy is very creative, I can understand why that is one of your favourite things.

Shay said...

That's amazing. I completely love it! I want one and I'm not even American!How talented is Kimmy!

This is a fabulous favourite AMW. Seriously. Thanks for showing us.

Kate said...

It's a beautiful gift. Kimmy did a wonderful job. It looks great hanging over your couch.

Pain SUX said...

Oh wow, I just love that...that gives me lots and lots of ideas :)


kimmyd said...

Thanks for the lovely comments Ms.Ann. I'm so glad you like it. I love ya girl. P.S. Let your bloggers know that I am not very creative at all. It's just the one thing I found that was easy for me to do.