Wednesday, July 16, 2008


One of the many things I like about summer is going to a local baseball game. We have the Tides Baseball team, a AAA farm team of the Baltimore Orioles. They used to be a farm team for the New York Mets, but that changed a couple of years ago. The Tides play in a beautiful park in downtown Norfolk, named Harbor Park. It overlooks the water, and is a top notch ballpark.

Closer to home, there is a collegiate summer league that plays during the summer, the Peninsula Pilots. I can't say much about them or their park, because I haven't been to one of their games. It's ironic, cause they are extremely close to home, but just haven't made it out there yet. (Ok, on the to-do list for THIS year!)

Looks like we'll be able to hit a Major League game this year, to see the Orioles. I've only been to Camden Yards once, and it was a while back, so I'm looking forward to going again to see a game. I really enjoy the inner harbor of Baltimore, so that's a plus, too...


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