Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Helping People Move

Do you remember a post I did a few months back about physical labor? I should have added that moving falls into that category as well. Some folks are cut out for it, and some folks aren't. I will admit, that I have this odd nack for packing a car or trailer or truck full of stuff to maximize space. I must get that from my dad. He can pack a space like there's no tomorrow. And so that was my Thursday last week.

Now, I don't mind helping someone move. Especially when (like this person) they would help me out in a second (and she has). I just don't particularly care for all the lifting and carrying and such. If there was a job for moving that just involved getting things packed into vehicles, that'd be all for me....

And it was a WARM day. 98 at it's hottest (which felt like all day). But we got an awful lot accomplished, and managed to get the majority of it done. I left a little lighter (from all the sweat) and with a few more marks that weren't there before... But I sure slept good!


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