Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peanut Butter Sculptures

This past weekend was the Suffolk Peanut Festival.  I used to live out in Suffolk, and went to the Peanut Festival while there.  It's the city's equivalent to a county fair.  It wasn't really on the agenda to go, but then we got wind of the Peanut Butter Sculpture Contest.  D, being the HUGE peanut butter fan and one who could live on the stuff alone, really wanted to go.  I admit, I was intrigued, and had not seen this during any of the times I had been to this festival.  Here's the basic run down...  Each entrant gets a "block" of specially made peanut butter.  I think I heard one person say that it is made with a lot less oil.  

They are given and apron, gloves, steak knife, and 20 minutes to create the best sculpture as chosen by three judges.

It appeared that most of the entrants were high school girls, but there was a mix.  About 15 total.  It also appeared that the PB became more difficult to work with the longer they handled it.

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring in the regular camera, so all of the pics were from the camera phone.  Definitely not the best, but you are still able to see.  My favorite was the first and second place winners, hence the pictures.    First place went to a high shool girl who sculpted a mermaid out of peanut butter, and second place went to a high school girl who sculpted a jeep out of peanut butter.  Enjoy the yummy pics..



rehab monster said...

just when you think that you had seen it all

AMW said...

Exactly! Who knew...