Monday, October 6, 2008

State Fair

I love the State Fair of Virginia.  I've gone for many many years now, and I just really enjoy it.   What's to like?  Some examples:  The agricultural exhibits, the smell of all the foods, the sounds of the the rides,  the sounds of laughing kids on the kiddie rides, the variety of people the fair draws, and so on.

One of my absolute favorite things about the fair, though, is the Quilt Show.  Some amazing quilts are entered, and every year it just sparks me to want to do more, and even gives me some ideas.  This year, there was a Polka Dot quilt.  It was colorful, and random, and every fabric used was a polka dotted fabric.  It was really fun!  There were other beautiful quilts, some traditional, and some more contemporary.  What it sparked was that when we went grocery shopping on Sunday, we stopped into the fabric section, and bought a bunch of polka dot fabric on clearance.  Can't wait to see what it evolves into.  

Anyway - sidetracked from the fair...  We spent about 7 hours there, saw a bunch of cool vendors, saw some cool artistry, ate some good fair food, and even watched duck races.  A grand day to be sure.  This year was the last year that the fair was on the location that I've always known it to be.  Next year it moves.  I'm sure I'll go and check it out.  


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