Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Random Update

What'd you expect with a title called "Random Thoughts of AMW"???  

I feel like my work meeting went pretty well last week.  That meeting was for the other party to gather information to take to another meeting, this week.  So I haven't heard anything from them yet, and that's ok.  Most likely, it will lead to more meetings, and then more meetings.  Not really a fan of meetings, but they are a necessary evil sometimes.  Work itself is pretty stressful as I share a space with someone I don't really care for and don't really respect.  

I've been keeping an eye on the eaglets from Norfolk Botanical Gardens that I've shared about numerous times on this blog.  The quick update  is that the 3 eaglets were removed from the nest, and placed at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.    It was determined that while the dad would continue to try to provide for them, it would soon become too much for him (3 rapidly growing eaglets eat a LOT of fish) and still provide enough to nourish himself.  This solution saves the lives of all three eaglets and dad.  They are being "rehabbed" so to speak to prepare them for release into the wild hopefully in August.  They have set up webcams at their facility and still broadcast at the former webcam site:  www.wvec.com/eaglecam

I "rehabbed" an old T-shirt quilt that a friend had done back in high school, and wasn't crazy about.  She gave me the old quilt and asked me to do *something* with it.  Her birthday was last week, and I was going to give her as a present, but didn't see her.  I'll post pictures of it when I get it to her (since she hasn't seen it yet!).

In other quilt news - I've got a couple more in line to finish the tops, and then I'll make a run to rent the long-arm again.  Don't want to wait too long so I don't forget al the stuff I learned!  Could certainly happen in this over-crowded mind of mine....

And there's one other piece of big exciting news, but I think I'm gonna hold that one close until Favorite Things Friday!  So stay tuned!



Shay said...

Im glad the work meeting went well. It's hard to work with someone you dont see eye to eye with. Im pretty lucky since the people I work with are all reasonable human beings.

Good news about the eaglets -although thats not the optimal solution it means they and Dad will survive.

Waiting for the big news now!

Cynthia L. said...

I am so glad the eaglets are doing well. I am glad you have updated us.

Boy, don't you hate it when you don't like someone you work with? I used to work with a girl that I could not stand, I really didn't like it and eventually found another job.

I can't wait to find out what the big news is! Can't you give us a hint?

By the way - I sent a response to your comment the other day and I don't think you got it. It said "no respond" Not really sure what that meant!

AMW said...

Thanks guys! The work situation is dicey because I own my business, but have to share VERY public space with this individual. The other meeting won't completely solve the issue, but might make it more bearable....

As for the big news - it's something fun and somewhat unexpected. (I know, doesn't help.....)

And Cynthia - funny thing was when I went to leave that comment, I had trouble and it took a couple of tries. Must have been a *blogger* issue.