Friday, May 6, 2011

FTF - New toys

It's Friday, so that means Favorite Things Friday again inspired by Shay over at Quilting in my Pajamas.  Check it out, and join in!

We've had a pop-up camper for a few years now, and it served us well to upgrade from a tent.  We bought it used on Craigslist and really got our money's worth and have really enjoyed it.  Although we have enjoyed it, it was certainly a lot of work and we still had to deal with canvas when it rained.  Not that it leaked; it never did.  But as you know, you can't put canvas away wet or it will mildew.  So you would have to pop it back up when you got home from camping, let it dry, and then pop it back down again.  And of course - it rained every time we went camping.  Of course.

We accidentally sold it a couple of weeks ago when D was at work and a coworker/friend said they were looking for one.  They came and looked at ours, and wanted it.

It needed an inspection, so we took it to our favorite RV dealer.  And while there, we talked to our favorite salesman.  The same one that has put up with us over the last few years as we go to EVERY RV/Camper show in the region.  And we looked at campers.  Specifically - the same one we continue to be drawn to at these shows.  BUT!  We said maybe we'd wait a year before we replaced the one we just sold.

UNTIL we found out that it was still on sale from the last show we went to AND Scott would be willing to throw in some *extras*.  Now we really had something to think about...

Which of course didn't take long.

So today, for Favorite Things Friday, we are picking up our new camper!  Our new TOY!

It even has it's own POTTY!  YEAH!

We're still not 100% sure how we're gonna tow it, as neither one of us has ever towed anything of this size...  But it should be fun learning it all.  As you can see - it's completely hard-sided, so we just pull in, and we're done.  

When we actually get it home today, we're going to camp in it this weekend in the back yard.  Then Memorial Day weekend, we'll take it out for it's *real* first camping trip!

I plan on making sure I can connect to the house internet this afternoon and visit all of the other FTF posts, from the comfort of the new camper!



Sara said...

That's nice... ours is a hard shelled one with ends that pop out but it's about 30 years old and it doesn't have a bathroom. Also all the decor it quite brown/late 70s nastiness.

It's been staying behind our grandparent's beach shack a half hour away so we use their amenities. Backyard camping is great for that reason.

Shay said...

That camper is da bomb! Talk about travelling in style.

I can hear your excitement in your post. You're going to have so much fun with your new toy.

I need a holiday -take me with you!

Thanks for dropping into FTF this week and showing off your new acquisition AMW.

Marg said...

Wow your new camper looks fabulous. You are going to have lots of wonderful trips in that one.

Cynthia L. said...

I was just telling another on-line friend how much I want a pop-up camper. Wish I would have known you were getting rid of one. Your new camper is great! It is really nice and I can understand that you would want to stay in it right away! I love to camp, but we are only at the tent stage!

Jo Ann said... has it's own potty!! That is a keeper there! I know you will have so much fun with this camper. Someday we will have one to and will be able to join you guys!! Can't wait to see it!!!

Annapants! said...

Oh, it's a far cry from Hurricane Ivan when someone had to sleep in their car and our tent was water logged! Enjoy the heck out of it; what a great investment in your travels. :)