Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Osprey Day

The other day, we went for a drive to the Lion's Bridge.  This is a bridge on the James River that is flanked on both ends by statuesque lions.  It really is a beautiful site all it's own.

But just as we got to the area - I looked up and saw Osprey.  Not just one or two, but at least EIGHT of them.  And probably more, but that's the most I counted at one time, and that was with them flying in and out of the area directly above me.

I made D pull the car in the parking area and grabbed my camera.  It was a little overcast, but I was determined to get a few shots of these super cool birds of prey.  And in the process, also got some great shots of a couple of Great Blue Herons.

Now, I don't claim to be any kind of photographer, but I had fun...  Here ya go:
Five Osprey in one picture!
Great Blue Heron

I didn't get this Osprey's head, and it wasn't the angle I really wanted, but it's way cool that I got him with the fish in his talons!

Great Blue Heron

Another Great Blue Heron

Hard to see, but there are actually two GBH's in this shot.  One at the top of the tree, and the other at the water at the end of the path.

Finally, a half way decent shot of the Osprey!

And some idiots who completely disregarded the sign after I pointed it out.  And scared off the GBH's that were hanging out there.  A$$HOLE!

GBH in flight.

This is a view of the James River Bridge from the Lion's Bridge. 

The Osprey's nest.

Wouldn't you want to live here?

Osprey in flight.  Actually, I think he was hovering - focussing on the fish below!
A relaxing hour just hanging out watching them fish.  

And one last picture that caught my eye as I was heading back to the car:
He's airbrushed on.  An airbrushed rat....  Go figure!

I'm sparing you the "outtakes" or "bloopers", and there were a ton of them.  

Hope you enjoyed a piece of my weekend morning...



Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing. I like the photo of the osprey in the water with the fish in its talons.

That family has been publicly exposed! tee-hee

Jo Ann said...

These are some wonderful pictures! Seriously I hope those people got bit by something out there. Will peeps ever learn!

Sandy said...

These are great photos! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

Cynthia L. said...

Wow, you said you couldn't take good photos - you lied! The photos are great! I like the photo of the bird with the fish. I also like the bird nest photo.

The humans should be shot, or at least get bird poop on their heads!