Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hand project needed

Since we just bought a new camper, I find myself really wanting to get a hand project going so that I can have something to work on while we are camping.  I know if I find the right project, it will be very relaxing...  And I also know if I find the wrong project, I'll stress myself out!

I've never been really good at or drawn to applique, but it's something that tends to lend itself toward hand work.  And as you can tell by some of the things that I've posted that I don't really go for traditional patterns.  So I'm looking for something a tad different.

Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions???



Shay said...

Paper pieced hexies are all the rage at the moment. What about embroidered quilt blocks? Hand quilting?

I struggle with this too because Im not really a hand stitcher.

I just read your previous post where you talked about the retrun of your space pen part...spooky!

Cynthia L. said...

I agree with Shay, Hexis are east to take with you and rather fast to make. I am in a swap with a group right now and having fun with it. It might take a hundred years or so to make enough for a quilt though! You will have to go on lots of camping trips!