Thursday, September 25, 2008


*****In booming announcer voice*****
Today, folks, we have another installment of "BORING BOWLING BLOG UPDATE".  

First, the scores:  
1st game - 138  {the crowd goes wild!!!}
2nd game - 98  {some signs of condolences}
3rd game - 129 {the crowd applauds}

But here's the fun part....

During bowling we play poker.  [What???  Poker during bowling????]  Let me explain.  With each new game, we take a deck of cards, shuffle them, and then everyone puts a dollar in.  Each time you mark (a spare or a strike), you get to draw a card.  You make the best 5 card hand, and that person wins the money.  BUT, you HAVE to have 5 cards, thus 5 marks to win.  Doesn't matter if you have 4 Aces.  If you don't have 5 cards total, you can't win.  Which is where I am most nights.  Or if I do have 5 cards, I don't have squat between them.  Two weeks ago, during my Consistently Inconsistent night I won poker for the first time!  I thought it was a fluke, but I WON AGAIN LAST NIGHT!  Not on the second game, to be sure, but on the 3rd game.  


*****Returning to booming announcer voice>
Tune in next week!  Same time, same place, same station for another "BORING BOWLING BLOG UPDATE!"*****


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