Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor - Gabon

YEAH!  Survivor started last night!  Looks to be a good season, if just a bit predictable.  Hopefully they'll throw some twists in.  The location is awesome!  

But really, let's talk about the important stuff.  Do these people NOT know they are going into the jungle?  Do they NOT realize that a dress is probably NOT going to benefit them much.  Or a suit?  Come-on!  Not that I would try out or even make it on the show, but I'd probably wear a pair of long hiking pants that had zip off legs (to convert to shorts), a sports bra, a t-shirt underneath a sweatshirt, and of course HIKING SHOES WITH GOOD SOCKS!  A good hat would not be a bad idea too.

And an injury requiring stitches the first night...  brilliant.  I like how a couple of folks have lied about what they do (or just left out the important stuff!).   And early alliances are forming. We all know that they will crumble about half way through (although we've seen a few last through the whole game before).

OK, and what about the tribe that has lost all three challenges, but still managed to catch fish...  Good for them!

All for now...



Annapants! said...

I wonder if they know what day they actually leave for the island. I mean, do they know they're going in advance or is it a surprise? I have often wondered. If they know; there's NO freakin' excuse for the way they're dressed. I'm with you!

AMW said...

You know, I think they're at least given some kind of "Show up at the airport" notice. You know they have all kinds of waivers and paperwork, too. I'd show up with only those things packed, so no matter when they "spring" it on you once you arrive, you're ready.... Photo or promo shoot? No prob! I'm dressed for the JUNGLE, BABY... Sheesh!