Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Quiz

Ok - here is another random quiz. I'll post it, then comment on it...

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

Now my question is: REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? 90 days without leaving??? OMG, I would go insane. Maybe I could handle 30 IF it was extreme circumstances, and we had access to THE PORCH. After 60, I'd really be ready to KILL SOMEONE. And 90? Well, I'd be suicidal at that point...

How about you?


1 comment:

Annapants! said...

Apparently I don't keep enough food in the house for 3 people. It says we'd only last 47 days. I'm not sure that's right though. Because, I'd go postal and take someone out in the first 2 weeks. By day 47... Who knows what I'd do!