Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boring Bowling Update

Might as well get used to it...  Seems like my randomness is (at least weekly) going to involve a bowling update.  On with the show......

First game - 88
Second game - 90
Third game - 116

An average for the night of 98.  Remind you that my league average is 103, so yes, I did NOT bowl my average last night, and in fact SUCKED a big dog.  

Let's see if I can find some excuses...

  • UM - 2 of my team mates were missing cause they are on vacation, so the flow was off.  
  • UH - I was tired from going to the Indigo Girls concert on Tuesday night and getting home so late.  (OOOPS, will try to do a review of the show with pics later...)
  • Well, they just oiled the lanes, and my throw was off.
  • See - the team we played were very intimidating, and I was scared (not really, they were cool).
  • It was the beer.
  • It was the pretzel for dinner.
  • My dog ate my bowling ball.
OK - really, I just suck, and can't get it together.  I was hoping this blog would show how I progressed throughout the year, but it certainly doesn't look like THAT'S going to happen.

At this point, you might be wondering why I even go???  Well, it's actually fun.  Even though I suck, and I'm sore as hell the next day, I have a good time!  (Guess I'm just a little on the sick side.........)

Until next week (for the bowling update....)


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