Sunday, September 14, 2008


This weekend, I was able to spend a day at some friends house for a "craft day".  I've wanted to try machine embroidery for a while, but didn't want to invest in a machine not trying it out.  This weekend provided that opportunity.  Here are some samples that I did:

This is the first one I did.  Not too bad, and it ended up on a shirt that was in the goodwill pile.  It turned out cute enough that I may actually keep this one.

Just a cute little sun, that was a default pattern on the machine I was using.  

For some reason, I really liked this pattern.  It turned out pretty good...

This disney pattern was on a disk, and I put it on another goodwill shirt.  The embroidery turned out great, but the placement was bad (my fault).  Instead of being on the left side above the breast, it was ON the breast.  So, now it's a sleep-shirt.

It was really fun to learn, and I can think of a ton of applications for this!


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