Thursday, September 11, 2008

Consistently Inconsistent

Here I go again, boring all 2 of you with another bowling update....  But it just amazes me how consistently inconsistent I can be.  You already know that my "official" bowling average is 103.  And you saw how last week, there was a 33 point difference between two of my games.  But somehow, I maintained my average.

This week was no different.  I started off GREAT!  My first game was a 133.  Felt good, looked good, lots of high-fives.  Second game - 88.  (No that's not a typo, it was actually an 88).  45 pins difference.  Can you believe it???  The third game was a 131.  Nice finish to the night, and my average for the evening was 117.  Now HOW does that happen when one bowls an 88!?!  I'll never get it...

If I could just figure out what I was doing right in the 130 games, and how not to do whatever it is I'm doing in the 80 games, then we might just have something important to talk about here...


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